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My yoga history

I started practicing in the nineties (Sivananda yoga) while studying Oriental History at the University of Bologna. After a hiatus of some years I returned to yoga (Ashtanga, this time). From that moment I never stopped. It was a rediscovery and a new experience at the same time. I had changed, I was stiffer, much more inquisitive and less dogmatic than I was when I took up yoga for the first time. Since then, I have explored various yogic avenues and now I like to combine dynamism and flow with rigour and precision, both on and off the mat. Over the last few years, I gradually began to feel the urge to share what I had learned. This has led me to teaching, an activity that - I discovered - I enjoy immensely. I am also a classicist, so do not be surprised if I quote Seneca together with Patanjali, and a fan of outdoor life. On a sunny day, the green grass of London’s parks, the fragrant meadows of the Dolomites, and any sandy beach in the world are my favourite mat!

I am a fully qualified 200-hours yoga teacher (Yogacampus - London, UK) and a certified Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Instructor.

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