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Yoga holiday in Salento

A unique opportunity to stay in a trullo, sample local food, learn about the culture and relax and swim in the sunshine

  • 7 days, 6 nights

  • 2 daily practices for all levels

  • An opportunity to explore how yoga can add meaning to your life

  • Plenty of free time to explore the local villages and beaches


We will engage in dynamic vinyasa flow with modifications and variations for all levels of proficiency and explore (on and off the mat) yoga as a concrete attitude and determinate life-style, which engages the whole of existence.​​

  • The first evening there will be a short post-travel sequence. 

  • Every day we will start with a morning practice with a slow beginning which will lead to a more dynamic sequence, to energise the body and prepare it for the rest of the day. 

  • The late afternoon session will move in the opposite direction, from an energetic sequence we will slow down and end with a deep relaxation.

  • There will be three conversations on yoga, meditation and related topics.​

At the end of the week you'll:

  1. Feel mentally and physically regenerated, stronger, healthier and lighter.

  2. Have a better understanding of the idea of yoga as “exercise”, or, better as "philosophical exercise" that is, not abstract theory - or gymnastic - but rather an 'art of living', and why this is relevant to your practice.

  3. Be more aware of why self-observation and self-scrutiny applied with kindness are essential to a good yoga practice and how this affects it, and the entire attitude to life.

  4. Have learned something about the local cuisine, history, traditions and culture of the people from the Valle D’Itria. 

  5. Have had the best time relaxing and rejuvenating in the sunshine filled countryside of southern Italy.

Culinary Experience

We will serve: 

- A light breakfast with tea, coffee and fruit will be available before the morning session for those who need a bite before practice.

- A substantial brunch with plenty of vegetables, cereals, pulses, bread, focaccia, fresh mozzarella, burrata, stracciatella, ricotta, cured cheese, and much more (including fresh pastries!) 

- An afternoon snack. 

- Three dinners at the trullo. A light one on the day of arrival, plus two standard (starter, 1 or 2 main dishes and dessert) in the evening.

- Tea, infusions, coffee, water.



  • Most of the dishes served are vegetarian. However, some may include meat, fish, nuts, milk or wheat (gluten). Please let us know as early as possible if you have any preferences, intolerances or allergies.

  • We want to share with you our love for this land, its cuisine and its flavours, we would like you to bring all your senses to the meal. Hence, we pay great attention to the food we serve, from where it comes, how it is prepared, that is made with ingredient that are simple but rich and fresh, sourced from nearby 'masserias' (farms), local markets or the 784 km of seacoast. 

  • We won’t be serving alcohol, but feel free to bring your own and sample the local wines. 

  • Kitchen is fully equipped, open and anyone can use it (it is a shared space and we ask you to be considerate of other participants' needs and leave it clean and tidy after use).

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-01 at 17.33.31.jpeg


For all activities, we have reserved a beautiful trullo, recently renovated (in 2021), isolated from the world, immersed in the countryside among olive groves and almond trees. The property has shared social spaces, a swimming pool, three outdoor spaces (two uncovered and one covered), parking, air conditioned, Wi-Fi, cable TV. All rooms are furnished with traditional hand-crafted furniture. There are pool lounge chairs available. Inside, there is a fully equipped kitchen. Outside, there is a barbecue, a hob and a stone sink.

Rooms are located in the main trullo and in a nearby structure, with independent bathrooms and kitchen, just a stone's throw from the main building. Towels are provided, please, bring your own for the beach. There is also cable TV and WiFi.

The choice is between a single bed in a shared double suite or a king size bed in a room on your own.

Important note: Trulli don’t have internal doors, the privacy is guaranteed by sliding curtains (bathrooms, even inside the trullo, do have doors!). Some of the rooms are located in the lamia (a less distinctive building, rectangular in shape, attached to the trullo, which is circular and built in dry stone), these rooms have doors.

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WhatsApp Image 2022-01-01 at 17.38.55.jpeg
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Yoga Holiday 2022: Image


Prices for May 14th-20th

  • Shared room with two twin beds and shared bathroom (between you two) £ 750.

  • Shared room with two twin beds and shared bathroom (max 3) £ 700.

  • Single room with single twin bed or queen size double bed and shared bathroom (max 3) £ 980.

  • Single room with twin beds or king size double bed and private bathroom £ 1300.

Prices for June 4th-10th

  • Shared room with two twin beds and shared bathroom (between you two) £ 970.

  • Shared room with three twin beds and shared bathroom (max 3) £ 800.

  • Single room with twin beds or king size double bed and private bathroom £ 1900.

Your Teachers


Mauro: May - June

Lynne: May


Deposit £300 (shared accommodation) - £500 (single accommodation).

Balance due 6 weeks before the retreat. 

There will be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 practitioners and single options are limited.


  • accommodation x6 nights, in a shared room with 2 single beds and shared bathroom or private room with king size bed and private or shared bathroom. 

  • light breakfast every morning of your stay, brunch every day of the retreat, early afternoon snack  + 3 dinners at the premise (1 light dinner on arrival day +2 standard in-house dinner), tea, infusions, coffee, water. Other beverages not included. 

  • Yoga practice: x2 times a day, x5 days. X3 conversations on yoga, meditation and related topics.

  • Wifi, TV.

​Not included

  • Flight and transfer from / to the airport (~ 35 mins drive - 40 km from the nearest airport at Brindisi). We can arrange a transfer for individuals or groups. 

  • x3 dinners out at one of the excellent local restaurants and trattorias (alternatives available).

  • Excursions and other activities. We will offer some optional activities, these must be booked in advance. Alternatively, you can book through a local provider. 

  • Beverages.

  • Travel insurance.

Please email me if you would like to find out more or have any questions.

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