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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Yoga for Inquisitive Minds?

Although my general and beginner classes are essentially physical: movement, elongation, balance, breath awareness etc., yoga is more than athletic activity. It is a healing practice, a spiritual exercise, a social and historical phenomenon with interesting connections to philosophy (eastern and western) and psychoanalysis, a ‘way of life’, and more. It is an exploration that begins with the movements of the spine, tendons and muscles and can lead to to a place of tranquillity or into the deepest areas of consciousness. As such, it is one of the many tools available to those who are interested in the journey of discovery of the meaning of ‘being human’. Of course, you can join a class only to get a good stretch, but if you wish to nurture your mind as well, I promise you a lot of food for thought.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I practice yoga?

Increasing concentration, resetting your nervous system, re-leaning how to breathe, increasing self-awareness, centring yourself, finding stability, sleeping better, feeling in harmony with the universe, calming the mind, balancing energy, showing off your handstand at the next party... all these, and more, are good reasons for trying yoga.

Do I need to see my GP before beginning practicing?

Even if you are in good health, I advise to speak to your GP before beginning any regular physical activity. However, if you have, or think you may have, any physical conditions, you must see your GP before starting practicing yoga. Before joining the first cIass, you will have to fill a short questionnarie which includes some questions about your health.

All information is treated and stored confidentially. 

Which of your classes is best suited for me?

My classes are accessible to everybody in acceptable physical health and I offer plenty of options to chose from. There is something for you, whatever your level of proficiency.

Do I need to be in perfect physical conditions to practice yoga with you?

No! There is no such thing a perfect physical condition. However, if you don't know your level or are not sure of your ability, if you think you are too stiff, too weak, or that you have any other type of limitations, get in touch. I have students of all levels of physical fitness. We will find out a routine that works for you.

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